light gallery Bruges

Light Gallery Bruges, even more in the range The name Light Gallery was only created in 2010, but the organization has had a long lighting path since the start of Massive NV in 1926. Over the years, Massive has grown into a multinational with branches all over Europe and the brand was a leader in the lighting sector. In 2006, Philips acquired Massive and a few years later it was decided to freshen up the stores and rename them. Light Gallery was born. To advise and inspire customers even better, the innovative character is also emphasized. The latest trends are followed even better, such as with the launch of the Hue LED lamps & connected technology. With its 11 locations, Light Gallery is still the largest lighting specialist shop in Belgium, with a choice of more than 3000 different luminaires, and this for different styles and room types. Whether you are looking for lighting for your bathroom, bedroom or garden, whether you have a classic or modern interior, we can offer the right solution. Our lighting consultants are trained to assist you in finding the lighting solution that suits your interior and your budget. If you build or renovate, they can also draw up a lighting plan. Do not forget to also use the other services we offer, such as the delivery and delivery service that will make your life even easier.

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